The Home of the Soul is Paramdham or the Abode of Silence

Paramdham- The Abode of Silence

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Hello beautiful souls! How is the day going?

Ever wonder from where we’ve all come into this huge world play and where we have to all go back to?

Today, let’s take a look at understanding ourselves as who we really are -a being of light or a soul. Let’s also take a tour of our original home- the soul world.

Yes indeed, the body is only a costume, we all take to enact our role on the stage of this world theatre.

However, unlike the body, we souls are not made of matter. The soul is eternal and indestructible. If it doesn’t die along with the physical self, where does it belong, and what is its story?

In this context, let’s also extend our understanding to God, the Supreme Soul, who has the most elevated role to play at this time!

To enact this, God too requires to descend into the world of physical beings, just like we have. This is a fact that questions the omnipresence of God as well!

But what is the Paramdham or the Highest World really like?

It is here we souls, are devoid of our physical costume or of thought, word and action. This is a world of complete silence or eternal peace where we, souls reside with God, the Supreme Soul, who is the Ocean of peace! This is our original home!

Don’t we all long to experience eternal peace?

Paramdham or Muktidham are some other terms for this Abode of silence. The golden-orange light you see here is known as Brahm which is the sixth element of matter. Ascetics and saints, believe this element to be God and constantly remember it. However, our remembrance requires to be with the Supreme One who actually stays there!

When it is the time in the cycle of the world drama, every actor (including God) descends from here. Without finishing the bondage of our karmic accounts or dissolving them with the remembrance of the Almighty, none can go back into to this abode.

This is also the teaching that God is giving us today- as His part of being the teacher and guru of all souls is playing out today.
He reminds us that yet another cycle of this world theatre is nearing completion today and it’s time to remember Him and our original abode and to experience that eternal silence within❣️


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