Each of us has been on a long journey in the search for peace and happiness. For this, we have devoted our time and energies towards pursuing rituals and even taking physical pilgrimages that have at times also caused us physical discomfort. The answer however lies within. By experiencing a true spiritual communion with God, we can begin to realize our true identity as a happy and peaceful soul and with minimal effort and hard work, embody divinity in our daily life.

You will witness that the spiritual education provided here is not only simple and practical to understand but will also appear as though it is taken as a leaflet from our own book. The meditation technique is based on channelizing our inner energies with the Supreme soul, the Ocean of Peace. As we recharge with the most empowering source of energy, we can then begin to radiate this energy into our relationships, surroundings and to other souls. Meditation will also help us empower ourselves.

The counselling provided also aims at helping you realise your inner powers, virtues, qualities and abilities, so you begin to make spirituality work for you in your daily life. Tolerance, patience, cooperation, adjustment, adaption, cheerfulness are only some of the positive qualities that you will notice develop for you. Your growth will also mean that you radiate this new-found well-being and learning with the ones you truly wish to help!

About the Founder

Avneet Lobana
Founder, SoulCircles

Hello! I’m Avneet. A reader, writer, architect, I have loved to bring forward SoulCircles- a journey of soul enriching reads and experiences. With SoulCircles, embark on a meaningful jounrney to decipher people, life, emotions, relations, feelings, thoughts- better. What was born only out of curiosity for me, took a different turn over a span of 8 years when I came across the understanding of spirituality in it’s truest sense. Just like any other field, spirituality provides one with the most intrinsic knowledge of the self. No philosophical knowledge, but practical understanding unfolds the answers to our past, present and our future. God, religion, deities, humans, awareness, emotions, thoughts are all encompassed within this broad understanding.

SoulCircles, I hope becomes the platform for you to consume the most stimulating reads and benefit from it.