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The story of Dada Lekhraj is the story of an ordinary and yet an unusual man. A successful, self-made businessman and a pillar of his community, he was addressed Dada (elder brother) as a sign of endearment.

He was later conferred the title of Prajapita Brahma or the Father of Humanity -a name that befitted his role of serving as the instrument for the descent of the Highest soul of all into the world of corporeal, physical human beings.

Why God chose to come when He did, and where, are questions that this story addresses.

The Chariot of God- A simple yet unique personality

Our story begins in the mid-1930s, in Sindh, a region of northwestern India. Dada Lekhraj was born into the Kriplani family, who were devotees of the Valabhacharaya sect of the Hindu religion.

While Dada’s father was a schoolmaster, Dada grew to enter the diamond trade.  Owing to his impeccable skills in the jewellery business, Dada’s reputation grew and his business became more profitable in a short span of time. His clients included rajas and maharajas of the native states of India as well as the British Viceroy.

A picture of Dada Lekhraj or Dada Lekhraj before receiving the nectar of spiritual knowledge

A picture of Dada Lekhraj or Dada Lekhraj before receiving the nectar of spiritual knowledge

From his childhood, Dada was a great devotee of Narayan. His devotion was consistent and fearless. He believed in the Gita implicitly and did not miss his worship even amidst important business deals and domestic functions. His great faith in his own gurus (religious teachers), ensured that he spent thousands of rupees holding receptions for them.

Dada had a diamond shop in Calcutta from which he conducted business.

When he turned 60 years, he visioned to give away his great wealth in donation to the needy and to spend his final years in devotion.

But as the proverb states, ‘Man proposes, God disposes’

The Grace of Divine Knowledge – Visions

One day, while sitting in the back hall of his bungalow with a group of fellow disciples of his guru, Dada encountered a strange experience. He experienced a sense of heightened perception, a new clarity of mind and vision. He recognised these unique inner sensations as the onset of a spiritual encounter of which he knew neither the cause nor the purpose. He went away to his own room to get away from the company of his visitors. As he sat alone, he had gone beyond all consciousness of his body, he was a pure soul, pure light, afloat in the ocean of bliss.

Then he had a revelation- a vision of the four-armed form of Vishnu- the Hindu deity.

Dada thought the appearance of this vision was bestowed upon by the grace of his Guru. However, as he lovingly began to narrate the entire experience to his Guru, he realised that the Guru had no knowledge of what he had just gone through.

This is when Dada’s mind turned towards the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Incorporeal One. He realised at last that there is only one Satguru (God of Truth) and that is God Himself. Only the One God can be the Giver of grace, the bestower of divine perception and divine intellect. Any human who calls himself God is, in fact, an imposter. It was God who had sent him that shimmering vision of Vishnu. Dada felt that clearly. What he still had to know was- why?

The Arrival of God

Dada continued to have divine experiences. As He sat to remember God, He once again felt himself becoming light, leaving his body far behind. He understood that his previous experiences were not flukes, not mere flashes that would cease and leave him as he was before. He was skillfully being prepared, through a series of successfully deeper revelations, to receive the full truth, the absolute knowledge of God.

During the time, Dada wrote home a number of extraordinary letters. Either he was going mad or was it possible- he was actually receiving revelations from God!

He then received a vision of Jyotirlingam Shiva Paramatma -the Supreme Soul –  an eternal, self-luminous point of light. The vision of Shiva (God) cliched his understanding of his own identity as a soul. In fact, the Supreme Soul is a point of Light and His children are made in his image. Only we children, souls, take bodies and play out our roles, while Shiva remains in His eternal form. He watches as souls like tiny stars, divine once, descend on Earth to play their roles and then, birth after birth, their energies decline and they begin to act selfishly towards each other.

Then, to once again lift His children to perfection, God descends and give souls the nectar of His Knowledge.

This rise and fall of the human soul occurs over a long period of 5000 years and forms the script of an indestructible cosmic play.

Withdrawl from Business

Everything had now changed for Dada. As the new-found God realisation dawned upon Him and he awoke to a new reality, Dada wished immediately to be released from the business, to settle his accounts and to use the money in the service of the divine tasks of God- that of the creation of a divine, perfect and viceless world once again.

Personality of the Supreme

By now Dada began thinking deeply about the revelations beings received. He continued to host his Gurus with profound respect as before. During one such large reception held for his guru at his home, Dada got up to leave while the guru was lecturing. Never before had he done such a thing (for it was a sign of disrespect). His daughter-in-law who followed him into his room recounts what she saw next.

“I saw that the eyes of Dada had become completely red as if a red light was glowing inside him. His whole face had become red and even the room was illuminated with a reddish, other-worldly glow. And then something began to happen inside me, too! I felt bodiless! How can I describe it? I was there and yet I wasn’t. I was simply light. My mind was clearer than it ever had been. I heard a sound from above. It was as if through the mouth of Dada, someone else was speaking. That voice was so very quiet at first, then it grew louder and louder”.

She described the experience as stunning, not frightening, but simply- awe-inspiring. The voice spoke as follows:

Nijanand Rupam Shivoham Shivoham
Gyan Swarupam Shivoham Shivoham
Prakash Swarupam Shivoham Shivoham
Nijanand Swarup, Gyan Swarup, Prakash Swarup.’


I am the Blissful Self, I am Shiva; I am Shiva
I am the Knowledgeful Self, I am Shiva; I am Shiva
I am the Luminous Self, I am Shiva, I am Shiva
I am the Form of Self, the Form of Knowledge,
the Form of Light

She was exhilarated. Who was it who was speaking through Dada? It was the Highest on High! She had witnessed the arrival of the Supreme Father, Supreme Soul- Shiva- in the body of Dada.

The True Gita is re-created

Dada was now having the experience that God was singing him His Gita (Song of Knowledge) inside him in a secret and indiscernible way. He began to churn over the ideas, over what the Mahavakyas (real great sayings) in the Gita of Bhagavan and their deep meaning were.

He received divine wisdom in response to all his questions and he understood firmly that the Gita was the only scripture in which God Himself speaks His Great Versions. But now Dada realised that the Bhagavad Gita, as it is presently read, is in a distorted and much-diluted form due to errors and additions which had crept in since it was first delivered orally by God 5000 years ago.

But now Shiva was giving his knowledge again and making Dada realise its implications in practical form. The written Gita which Dada was reading every day became less and less relevant to such an extent that very soon he detached from it entirely.

Dada had now experienced that He was Arjun and God had entered the chariot of his body to give him the knowledge.

God Himself, in order to keep His promise, had come again in secret to fulfil the desires of His devotees.

Once he had heard the secret voice of God, Dada began giving the knowledge to all his friends and relatives. When he revealed to them that they were souls, they were overjoyed, experiencing God’s love as it poured directly from Dada’s eyes. As others came in contact with him, they experienced themselves as light. Along with this came peace of mind.

In a remarkably short time after entering Dada’s body- which God continued to borrow at regular intervals in order to teach- God had utterly transformed the lives of all who came close.

Dada Lekhraj became the physical chariot of the Supreme, after which he was christened as Brahma Baba or Father of Humanity

Dada Lekhraj became the physical chariot of the Supreme, after which he was christened as Brahma Baba or Father of Humanity

The present time

This is how the Indestructible True Gita Gyan Yagya or Sacrificial fire of Knowledge was created from the lotus mouth of Brahma.

The fact remains that the kingdom of God is presently being established in an incognito way by a gathering of souls committed to removing their own vices of greed, anger, attachment, arrogance and lust- and thus becoming harbingers of the coming kingdom of peace and happiness.

Excerpts are taken from the book, The First Man- Adi Dev.

To know the entire story of the descent of God and of His present task of the creation of a new, viceless world, visit a BrahmaKumaris Center near you.


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