Know Shri Krishna and the spiritual significance of Janmashtami

Janmashtami: The birth of Sri Krishna

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In India, Janmashtami is celebrated with love and fondness for Shri Krishna. Celebrations start mid-night with Shri Krishna’s birth and followers lovingly rocking his cradle.

Today, let’s understand the significance of the festival of Janmashtami. Let us also derive the true importance behind some of the scenes that we have come across in this regard.

Shri Krishna’s birth marks the start of a new day

It is remembered that Shri Krishna was born in the darkest night, in the land of Kans, the evil ruler. A sound was heard- that the who was to kill Kans, has arrived. It is also remembered that seeing the atrocities by Kans, Mother Earth, called out to the Heavens and Shri Krishna was born in Copper Age or Dwaparyug ( the age gone by.) Now can someone who is remembered as the purest and most divine soul or Shri Krishna, be born in the reign of evil rulers like Kans? Isn’t the inheritance of heaven, a result of great deeds performed by the soul of Shri Krishna in some previous birth and age?

Actually speaking the darkest night here refers to the period of the highest moral, ethical and spiritual degradation of mankind. This refers to the present Iron age or Kaliyug. Isn’t it today, that there is maximum cruelties and atrocities on Earth and an increase of evil forces? This has been symbolised as the reign of Kans and of everyone calling out to God.

This would mean that the birth of Shri Krishna would symbolise the end of Kaliyug or Iron Age and the start of a new age or Satyug. This would further mean the ushering of the new age, marked by the celebration of the festival of Janmashtami. This also points to the very important fact that Shri Krishna was indeed born in Satyug or the Golden Age.

As we stand today, at the confluence of the two ages of Kaliyug and Satyug (the present Confluence Age or SangamYug), let us learn here who brings in a new age that marks the reign of Shri Krishna

Shri Krishna is shown to be born in the darkest hour of the night and the beginning of the new age

Shri Krishna is shown eating butter

Now, as we said, the soul of Shri Krishna earns the sovereignty of the upcoming Golden Age or Satyug, today at the present Confluence Age or SangamYug.  Definitely, he learns the most elevated acts from the Supreme Teacher of all souls, today. This is depicted by the soul eating butter which is actually churning the knowledge that is given by the Supreme Being. (Here, butter is associated with the act of churning)

Otherwise else, one needs to think why the most virtuous soul like Shri Krishna, will ‘steal’ butter!

Shri Krishna is born from his mother’s womb and takes education from his guru Sandipani

Now Shri Krishna is also shown to be born from Devaki’s womb. If indeed Shri Krishna was not the supreme deity but the Supreme Being or God himself, would he born as human souls are- in a physical way and from the womb? The praise of the Supreme Being/Soul is indeed different and as one whose birth is divine, beyond birth and death and unborn.

Shri Krishna is also shown to receive education from the his guru, Sandipani. One needs to think if this can be said about the Supreme being who is called the Ocean of Knowledge and the Supreme Guru and has no guru above Him?

Shri Krishna is shown to take a physical birth

Sri Krishna inspires Arjun to wage a violent war in the battle of the Mahabharata

Even if we assume Shri Krishna as the Supreme Being, can he ever incite violence in humans? The one who is reached out to as being merciful, can He ever inspire souls to fight amongst each other?

Actually speaking, the battle depicted in the Mahabharata is a non-violent one. And one which we need to fight with the five vices of anger, ego, attachment, lust and greed- within. The Mahabharata and Bhagavad Gita only help to depict this.

You can also understand here who is the true reciter of the Gita and when the knowledge was given 

The importance of the current time and the true meaning of celebrating Janmashtami 

The festival of Janmashtami indicates, that there is someone who gave world sovereignty to Shri Krishna in Satyuga. It also indicates that it must have taken place in a time and age that was previous to Satyuga. The above facts also point to understanding the identity of Shri Krishna as the first prince of Satyug or the Golden Age as being distinct from that of the Supreme Being or the Supreme soul.

Now, it is for us to understand who is the Supreme Being who is reached out as the Father, teacher and the Guru of all souls? What is His unique part and role which He plays? When does He come and establish peace and prosperity like the one enjoyed by Shri Krishna in Satyug or Paradise?

The festival of Shiv Ratri is unique and celebrated today, in this regard. It speaks of the descent of the Supreme Soul, Shiv, in the darkest night of Kaliyug to usher in a new age. An age which is remembered in Bharat, till date.

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