Experience the self as a peaceful soul with Rajyog Meditation

Experiencing Peace of Mind – Now

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From taking the first sip of coffee in the morning, to the newspaper we read, to the hush hush affair of grabbing a meal and leaving for work, our days are fully packed. While taking out time for the self isn’t easy or simple, its important and a pre-requisite to survive the chaos outside.

Here are a few handy and practical tips you can use to create and experience a zen like calm within, while managing the busy-ness outside.

Finding peace of mind isn’t and shouldn’t be so tough, after all.

  1. Ignore/Avoid Consuming Unnecessary information:

Be it our television sets, internet, gadgets or mobiles, each unique instrument is loaded with ready- to- consume information, every second.  Almost screaming for our attention. But, leaving the choice to us.

Just like we exercise caution with the food and diet we consume for the health of our bodies; the health of our minds, lie in the quality of the thoughts we churn which is in turn powered by the information we consume.

While the fomo may actually start to trouble and detaching the self, may seem difficult initially, you will marvel at the change it brings to the quality of your life. Change that will do good to fuel your thoughts and life.

Remember it is for us to consume, only as much as is absolutely essential and required.

  1. Conserve your Energy

Have you wondered where, that in the name of fun and joy, we invest so much of our energies? We take trips to places far off, take off shopping, watch movies, etc. In short, we invest our energies. Even though we do experience a short term return of our investment, its often only short lived. And sometimes, we end up feeling more drained and fagged out than we did, when we first started out.

While we don’t encourage you to shy off from doing what gives you happiness, we would also encourage you to find the shorter and more rewarding route to it. And its often, within. Take a read, on experiencing happiness within.

  1. Face your fears and weaknesses

Okay, so quite often, we also end up doing thing to distract ourselves from facing the real problem. We’ll procrastinate and put it off to a tomorrow. We’ll binge watch a series, only to realize that the demons of our problems are still waiting for us. What we advise is to not give in to any fear or distraction only as a mechanism to address the problem.

While we leave it to your discretion, to face, withdraw or confront a problem, shying away from it, is never a solution. We advise you a few minutes of meditation in the day, to help you empower the will into understanding and making the best decision at the best time.

  1. Realise your own self as a peaceful being

Everything you do above, will take you a little closer to depending upon yourself and trusting yourself even more. When we say, you don’t have to invest so much outside and experience little in bargain, and in turn use your time well to empower the will, we mean it.

We only search or go looking out for what feels sacred to us and what is ours. This journey of knowing the self, will take you closer into the zen like calm you’ve always wished to experience.

  1. Connect to the Ocean of Peace

As much as peace, comes from realising the self as a being, of peace, different from the body, it also comes from knowing God, the Father, as the Ocean of Peace.

Not everything in the physical dimension is capable of giving us the peace that we require. It is now upto us to experience peace and happiness that is neither dependent on an external being and nor limited or temporary.

With the awareness and experience of being children of the bestower, the endless wants to be loved, accepted will convert into the desire to give.

  1. Replace acquired Sanskars with Original Ones

And finally lets get go back to knowing the self even better.. And making use and putting into action, what is more comfortable to use. Our recordings of peace and happiness are our original sanskars and habits. Use this response over any other acquired response. Not anger, not ego, not arrogance, peace is the original quality of the soul.

The more we do so, the closer we will move towards experiencing peace and happiness in every thought, word and act of ours.

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