Does the soul ever merge in God?

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Accurate spiritual knowledge and understanding will help us understand why it does not. Read on to know more:

The first directive of the Supreme Soul, Shiv is to consider ourselves as a soul or a point of light. It is then to remember God, the Supreme Soul, as a point of light. Now the elemental difference between the Soul and the Supreme Soul is that the Soul is an embodiment of the qualities and virtues of the Supreme Soul. 

If we consider, God the Supreme Soul to be the Ocean of Love, Bliss Peace, Happiness, Joy, Knowledge and Contentment, the Soul is an embodiment of love, bliss, peace, happiness, joy, knowledge and contentment. However, the identity of the Soul is and will always be separate from the Supreme Soul. The Supreme Soul, just like the soul, is a point in form but in virtues is the Ocean-‘roop mein bindu, par guno mein, shaktiyon mein, sindhu’ 

God is the Supreme Soul, a point in form, but an ocean in virtue.

Spiritual Knowledge: God is the Supreme Soul, a point of light in form, but an ocean in virtue.

However often, we hear the term, ‘Jyoti Jyot Samaya’- for the soul. This means that the indestructible Soul has merged into the Supreme Soul, on leaving the body. At the same time, we also hold shradhs or a customary ritual, where we invite the deceased soul and offer it food. Now, if the soul has already merged in the Supreme Soul, how will it return back? Either of the two belief systems are true.

Spirituality also helps us understand that the soul is immortal while the body is mortal. The soul is the living energy while the body is physical matter. It is for the soul, that it is sung ‘Amar, Ajar, Avinaashi’ which means that the soul is immortal and indestructible. If the soul does merge into God, how can it be considered immortal?

Spiritual knowledge also points out that no two souls are alike. Each soul has its own unique role and own tendencies. Our outlook is a result of our own unique thinking and impressions. No two souls are alike, that they can be considered to fuse into the Supreme Creator. All men differ from each other,  because the souls inhabiting them are distinct from each other.

If we observe from the point of knowledge, all souls are actors on the stage of the world. We all take the physical costume of the body and enact our role- good or bad. The Supreme Soul, is a living, conscient energy who enacts His role on this stage according to time. God, the Supreme Soul is the  Principal Actor, Director and Creator of this play. How can an actor ever merge into the director or the knower of the play?

Actually speaking, the Soul resides with the Supreme Soul in complete peace in the abode of Silence or Paramdham. It is from here that the soul, according to its own unique characteristics, takes on a body and comes to the stage of the world.

Having learnt these points of esoteric knowledge, we hope that we don’t consider the soul to merge into the Supreme Soul.

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