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Life is a long journey and everyone on it, is looking out for something. But what is it that most of us are looking out for? What is it that one thing that dictates our lives decisions? From what we invest in – whether people or things or the places we go to, it all takes us closer to the aim of being happy. But today, despite having everything going for us, we must ask ourselves if we are truly happy as a society or as individuals? Have we really found happiness, in the places where we are looking for it? Is it permanent and stays or is temporary and vanishes?

Today, let us look at everything, that is inhibiting or stopping us from experiencing the wonderful gift of happiness- every waking second of our life

1. We’ve believed that happiness is the destination/ a far-fetched outcome:

We’ve always been told and somewhere now believe, that our happiness is linked to other attainments. In believing so, we’ve moved further away from experiencing joy and happiness today, to our pressing need of attainment of things. And if in any case, if we are unable to attain them, we accept the loss of joy as a natural outcome. Ofcourse the possession of things can make us happy as we have believed that it can, but is it not the thought behind it, that is doing its magic more than the actual attainment of an object? Imagine, if you’ve always wanted yourself a car and told yourself that when you finally have it, you’ll be happy. And you’re able to lay your hands on that car and right at the minute, you hear of bad news from home. Will the same car continue to make you happy anymore? Not really, isn’t it? The point being here, that ultimately, we link our happiness to things, feeling and believing that they make us happy. Whereas it is our thoughts, beliefs and conditioning, that makes us happy. So, we can either work on the simpler option in our hand or chose the latter, farther away one. And in any case, since when have non-animate objects begun generating happiness?!


Strive for happiness in the present, than linking it to the future

Strive for happiness in the present, than linking it to the future

2. We live our lives expecting others to make us happy: 

This is something that most of us have experienced or are acquainted with. If we look at the relationships that haven’t worked too well, at the seed of it, we will realize is the need of want or expectation. We expect people to give us happiness and to ‘do things for us’, so we can stay happy. Now, let us tell you something simple. If someone has the potential to make us happy, rest assured, they can make us sad too. But are they even making you happy or sad? For most of the part, they are only behaving according to what they think, and feel is right. Most often, it is we, who attach our ideas of happiness to someone or something. We’ve all at one point in time, thought -“If they do so and so, stay such and such, I will be happy”. Is this even true happiness? If it’s dependent on people the way it is, it is not. Both, because it is dependent on someone and it is ‘dependent’. Mostly, by having such a notion, our idea of happiness, vanishes when the other person chooses to act in a way different than what we ‘expect’ them to.

And this is where we require change.  If we are emotionally content, and can learn to stay happy by ourselves, can we share the gift of happiness with others. For this is the only situation, where we will neither be emotionally depleted within nor deplete the other person by our expectations of them.

Gift the joy of Happiness to others

Gift the joy of Happiness to others

3. Our happiness, gets affected by others:

This will be a culmination of the points above. If we can make sure to stay happy within, don’t like our happiness to attainments outside and are not dependent on anything or anyone, outside for our happiness, no one has the power to ruin our happiness. While this might seem  tough and appear as though we are looking at detaching ourselves from everything and everyone, we are only infact taking control of our happiness index for ourselves. And how can we in the first place, take care of someone without even fixing ourselves first? So, if you truly wish to gift the joy of happiness to others, you must focus on experiencing that stage within you first.


Experience Happiness that is independent of people or things

Experience Happiness that is independent of people or things

4, Realising the self as a happy being 

So now, that we’ve known of the major roadblocks that are preventing us from being happy, let’s look at the thing we can do to take happiness in our control. And it’s not really that tough. To begin with, it is most important that you realize yourself as a happy soul. A being whose intrinsic nature and quality is happiness. If we can take out a few minutes in the day, to start using that file, in our daily life, we will start experiencing the result of the same in a multi fold manner. How? Other than meditation, which is taking away your mind away from all distracting thoughts, negative and unwanted- and stabilizing it on the one powerful thought- I am a Happy Soul, we encourage you to use happiness as a response- more often. Have that powerful consciousness and awareness with you, and use it more often in the way you think, how you speak and what you do. Remember all the while, the more you use it, the more you’ll have of it.

5. Meditate to realize yourself as a Happy soul

Along with this consciousness and awareness, which can be practiced anywhere, we encourage you to take a few seconds out, in the day which you can dedicate to yourself. As the mind withdraws itself from all distractions and the physical senses, begin to concentrate it on yourself – a being of  energy- a soul. This is who I am, and my true nature is one of happiness. In this body, maintain the elevated awareness of executing your role to the best of your capability. In the same awareness, connect yourself to the Higher Power, the Ocean of Happiness and the Supreme Soul. As you begin to receive from Him, spread vibrations of happiness, and of peace and love from Him to souls of all world. This is individual and World transformation.

Realise yourself as a being of Happiness and begin the journey of personal and world service and transformation

Realise yourself as a being of Happiness and begin the journey of personal and world service and transformation

Once you do take count of these small steps,  remind yourself of your original trait and property, and chances are, that you will stop looking for it outside- in people, or things, or possessions. And start distributing the joy of true happiness to everyone you meet – it is addictive.

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