Is God Present Everywhere and in Everyone?

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What’s the address of the Supreme Father of all souls? How can we connect and remember Him, without knowing His place of residence. Even though, till date, we have assumed Him to be present everywhere or Omnipresent , is this actually true?

The previous post, spoke about the identity of the Supreme Father. It told us that He, who is the Creator, is not beyond a name and form. His form is that of a point of light and His self revealed name is Shiv.

God is not Omnipresent or Present Everywhere: Knowing His place of Residence :

The below mentioned points will help us deduce for ourselves that God indeed is not present everywhere and has a fixed place of residence.

1. God, is known as the Creator. The Creation is always unique and is distinct from the Creator. Know more about God’s Creation and His role as the Creator here.

2. The Bhagavad Gita which is a compendium of the great sayings (Mahavakyas) of God, says that God descends to end several religions and establish one true religion of the soul. This proves that God is not already present on Earth or omnipresent as believed.

3. Further, the Bhagavad Gita, talking about God’s place of residence, quotes 

A view of the Abode of souls and Supreme Soul : Brahmaloka

“The world is like an inverted tree, I am its divine Seed, which abides in what is called Brahmloka, the farthest and highest region, far beyond the light of the Sun and the stars”

My Supreme Abode is there where the light of the Sun or the stars does not reach and which is formed of subtle Light not perceptible to these gross eyes, and is beyond the farthest expanse of Ether – unmanifest element’

This elucidates that God’s place of residence is far away from the stars and the moon, in a place known as Brahmloka or where the golden- red light of the 6th element of matter, Brahm, exists. Know more about it here.

4. Further, talking about God’s divine birth, the Gita quotes :

The chariot of the Supreme Soul, Shiv, today is an old human being

“I take a divine birth. I have entered into this human body, but deluded persons do not recognize Me having come into this ordinary person’s body”

These sayings also point that God is not already present on Earth. He in fact takes a divine birth, when He enters the body of an old and experienced human soul and names it Brahma. Know more about His Divine birth here

5. Some other easy examples can also help us understand that God is not present everywhere.

For instance, have we ever questioned, how in the presence of God, the Bestower of Happiness, human souls are so unhappy? Or maybe how in the presence of God, the Ocean of Peace, souls are searching for peace?

Even the question of remembering God doesn’t arise if He is already present on Earth.

6.  Can a Father ever pervade his children, or a teacher be present in his pupils?! Then how can we assume that God who is the Supreme Father, Teacher and Guru of all souls, be present in them!?

7. If God, were present along with human souls in their bodies, why would the body be declared dead when the soul leaves?!

8. If human souls, who are caught in their karmic bondage, desire for peace or mukti, then why should we assume, that the Supreme Soul, who is free from any karmic bondage will pervade this world?

To consider God as Omnipresent is an insult to Him

We must understand that the measure of God’s greatness doesn’t lie in Him being Omnipresent- in dogs, reptiles and snakes! Does this mean, that we remember them instead!? It lies in Him being Omniscient- one who knows everything.

And God who is the highest of High, also has a residence that is High on High and not a world of suffering and disease.

In Conclusion

Knowing that God’s place of residence is distinct and unique, helps us connect to Him and remember Him accurately. This is much like, sending a letter to the correct address, ensures that it reaches its destination.

It helps us recognise the importance of the time today- an age of confluence- between the old and the new- and a time when God descends to construct a new age

On the contrary, regarding God as omnipresent will take us far from realising the significance of the time today and from experiencing our birth rights of peace and happiness.

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