God, the bestower of Heaven

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Heaven is the land of complete peace and happiness. It is a land where souls are devoid of the false consciousness of the body & reign in complete happiness and prosperity- their original virtues.

It is a land where souls enjoy complete health, wealth and prosperity. There are neither untimely deaths nor natural calamities or any sort of manmade disasters. The masses like the rulers are completely without any vice.

Even the elements of nature are in complete control of souls- the world outside is perfect, just like the world inside. The souls who reside there are called deities or divine souls.
There is no dearth of wealth there. And the souls also know of no desires. The only awareness is one of being a soul- pure, happy and peaceful.

When God comes, He gives us the inheritance of such a world.

He inspires us to leave vices and become divine, so we may befit the coming pure and viceless world.

The knowledge given by God during this time transforms ordinary human beings into deities or divine human beings who will rule over a perfect world or Heaven (on earth!). Let’s recognise the supreme soul, connect to Him, recharge ourselves, enjoy peace and happiness in this birth and in every birth in future.


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