God- the Supreme Soul is beyond the Limited

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Need some courage, hope and wisdom? The word of God is the only solace. But to try and understand that, we need to be able to slowly shed the arrogance, ego and greed within us. So we slowly but surely start to resemble the image of our Father, himself.

Read on to understand your true self as a being of light and energy and your relationship with God, the ocean of energy and light:

We are unlimited beings or souls within a physical costume.

God too is an unlimited being, forever unlimited by a physical costume and by birth and death.

Can you think of anybody else who is forever unbound?

When we start to look at ourselves as souls or energies, away from our physical images that limit us, we can begin to connect to God, the Supreme Soul, the Supreme Energy, the Supreme Guru, the Supreme Father and the Supreme Teacher of all souls.

Aren’t you curious to walk your first steps toward self-realisation and experiencing God-realisation?

We’ve connected to physical beings in the illusion of ourselves being the physical costume. This manifests itself in the form of vice and sufferings.

Now, its time to see through any illusion that is barring us from experiencing the sweetness of our original relationship with God.

It’s also time to Hear from God -His true introduction, our true introduction, the knowledge of the three Worlds, His role of the creation of a new world, sustenance and destruction of the old world.

When do you think is It most required for God to descend?

So let’s kill the fear, the doubt, the hate, the ignorance, the sadness, the pain and the grief within and turn over to open your hearts to love, compassion, knowledge, peace and purity.

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