Who is Shiv and who is Shankar? What is the difference? What does the third eye of Shankar denote?

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God is regarded as the Highest or the Supreme Soul. Souls of all religions, believe Him to be light. The physical representation of God’s, this form of light is in fact the Shivling.

Now, we’ve already told you that it is when Shiv, the Supreme Soul descends in the body of an old and experienced human being, (Brahma), that he delivers knowledge to human kind. Further, we must understand that it is only by the means of this divine knowledge, that He opens the eye of wisdom or knowledge, within us. It is by receiving the third eye of knowledge from Him, that we are able to understand Him and His divine acts. This is represented as the the third eye of Shankar.

We also know that the third eye of Shankar, is also associated with destruction. Now this means, that with the eye of knowledge that God Shiv gives and the technique of intense remembrance that He teaches (Rajyog) , we are able to destroy weaknesses and vices within. Thus, Shankar is actually the representation of receiving divine knowledge from God and destroying one’s weaknesses. To reiterate the difference, Shankar is associated with destruction, while God Shiv is known as the benefactor.

Other differences

While God is represented through the Shivling, Shankar  is always shown in the angelic form- a deity with a physical body, in deep meditation or remembrance of God, often before a Shivling.

God is also called, trimurti, for He is the Creator of the divine triad – Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar. This shows that Shiv is the creator of Shankar and indeed they are different.

The praise of Shiva is also different from that of Shankar. In the Hindu prayer, Brahma devaya namah, Vishnu devaya namah, Shankar devay namah, Shankar, is praised as devay, a deity or a divine soul. This prayer ends with Shiv Paramatmaya Namah, or by praising Shiv as Parmatama or Param-atma which means the highest soul.

The significance of the present time

We should understand that today is the only time for us to recognise the Almighty and connect to Him. It is only then that we can imbibe points of His divine, esoteric knowledge.

We must also practice the awareness of being a soul, distinct from the body, in each act we do. This practice will also help us know God, as the Highest soul, who is bodiless.

Only once we do so, we can lovingly re-connect to God, the Ocean of Peace and receive our inheritance.

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