I am a peaceful soul

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All you beautiful souls, here’s a beautiful salutation to start your day!

OmShanti means I, the soul am a being of peace.

Isn’t it beautiful to have our true introduction, and to finally save the effort we’ve all made on it? Peace is longed for as it is original and natural to us, but somehow we no longer experience it!

To search for peace, ascetics leave their homes and many of us resort to rosary chantings, pilgrimages and doing sacrificial fires!

But have we experienced it yet?

Do we know why not?

Because yet, we haven’t accurately known who we are! Had we received KNOWLEDGE of our true selves, we wouldn’t have needed to go anywhere to experience peace.

People ask for peace of mind but do we know that the original nature of the soul is peace? Do we really know what the mind is? Do we know that we are a soul?

It is here that God, the Supreme Soul plays the role of the Satguru. In a second, He gives souls their true introduction and puts an end to the many pilgrimages we’ve taken to get a glimpse of the truth.

When we are not in the awareness of our true nature, a cycle that has been going on for a long time, there is unquiet and restlessness.

There are many temporary things we can do to fill the vacuum – but the permanence of knowledge and truth elevates and uplifts the soul from within.

After receiving our accurate spiritual understanding and the might from the Almighty, the soul feels empowered from within. It is then, that I can conquer unwanted thoughts, belief systems and behaviours and experience eternal peace.

You can know your story- the story of rise and fall of the human soul- and unlock the treasures within.

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