Who is God? What is His name and His form?

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We are spiritual beings have a human experience. We are certain you must have heard that. From the time we take birth, we get attached to one or another identity that we acquire – whether- name, caste, gender, role, designation etc and most importantly the body. All of which are temporary and subject to change.

But shouldn’t an ‘identity’ be constant? We’ve already spoken about looking at the self as a soul in a physical costume. Now lets talk about the true identity of God or Almighty, as the Father of all souls.

Souls are on a journey where we leave our original abodes of peace or Muktidham, to play a role- good or bad with the help of the body. It is another thing that today we’ve become so attached to the body and to the roles we play, that we’ve confused it as our identity. The body, is only the means for the soul to reap the fruit of its own actions.

While we human souls, enact our parts with the help of a physical or gross body, deities are shown to have an angelic or self-luminous body (susksham-akari). Hence the conversation, spells about knowing oneself as a soul.

What is the form of God?

As a soul, are identity is distinct from the body. God or Almighty too is the Father of all souls, and has an identity – a name and a form, minus the body. This cannot be confused for Him not existing or not having a form.

His part is not similar to us, and hence is without a physical or angelic form. If He did not have a form, who do we call through our prayers, saying, “We are thirsting for a glimpse of you, Our Lord”, “May you bless us with a vision of you, O God!” At one end, while some call Him formless and without a name, at the other, we search for Him.

He definitely does have a form, but without the eye of knowledge, one cannot see it.

If we praise His qualities, as being the Ocean of Peace, the one who occupies them to must have a form. Sweetness does not have a form, but sugar does!

The Actual form of God – Jyoti-bindu Swarup

The actual representation of God is a point of light or jyoti bindu swaroop. While Jesus said, God is Light, Moses had a vision of a flame behind the bush. Guru Nanak also pointed to God being Light. The gross/enlarged representation of God’s imperishable or incorporeal form is the Shiv-ling found across various parts of the country:

  • Vishwanath : Light of the Universe
  • Amarnath : Father of Souls
  • Mukteshwara : Bestower of Liberation
  • Papkateshwara : Expiator of Sins
  • Rameshwara: Rama’s God
  • Gopeshwara : Krishna’s Lord

Muslims, even though do not believe, in idol worship, consider the Sang-e-aswad, an oval shaped stone, as holy.

The Actual Meaning of the term Nirakar

People say that God is without a name or form. However, its for one to think how anything exists without a name or a form. God’s praise as being Nirakar does not actually mean that He is without a form or body. It only means that in comparison to physical beings and angelic deities, he neither has a physical form nor a luminous one.

However His own imperishable, form is an oval point of Light.

The true Attributes of God

God is the Father of all souls. He, is also a soul, but is the Supreme amongst all souls. He does not come in the cycle of birth and death. Being Supreme, He has no one above Him. He, like us is the resident of the Supreme Abode or Muktidham and plays His role and part, when it is time.

The true name of God

Now being the true preceptor, Guide, Teacher, Guru and Father of all souls, He brings everyone benefit. This is why we call out to Him, as the Ocean of Peace, Purity, Love, Happiness and Knowledge.

The self-revealed name of God is Shiva which means Kalyankari or Benefactor.


It is only by knowing Him as the Supreme entity and as He is, that we can receive our inheritance of peace and happiness from Him. It is only by knowing Him as He is, that we can connect to Him, whom we have longed for since births. It is only by receiving His true introduction that we can become like Him- one who brings benefit to all.

Hence, we urge you to take the first step towards self and God realization, at a BrahmaKumaris Rajyog Meditation Centre near you.

In the next post, we will look at the various belief systems around Him and what is inhibiting us from experiencing a divine connection with Him.



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