What is the spiritual significance of the KalpaVriksha?

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Today, let’s take a look at understanding the interesting passage of time through a period of 5000 years or one Kalp. This is linked to the transmigration of the souls through the 4 epochs (swastika) and is depicted through the kalpvriksha.

The Kalpvriksha finds its references across art, culture and literature. Let’s find what is the true meaning depicted by this human genealogical or human world tree :

The Trunk

This world cycle, starts from the very beginning or the primeval Golden Age. This is when souls/spiritual beings, having descended from their abode of silence (Paramdham) are aware of their true identities as different from the physical bodies they take to play their roles. This is known as being ‘soul-conscious’.The soul, is guarded in its own religion, one of peace. This is called the Age of Truth or Satyug. It lasts for 1250 years when there is complete peace, prosperity and purity on Earth. This epoch is ruled by divine souls and World Emperors Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan. The average age of souls in this age is 150 years (8 births) and the quality of souls is Satopradhan or the stage of the highest level of purity, fullness and perfection. There is no sign of grief or suffering and no untimely deaths.

Another 1250 years later, soul-conscious deities, Shri Ram and Shri Sita rule over the Earth. In their reign too, complete peace and prosperity exist on Earth. Neither is there sorrow nor a want of anything. The subjects like the rulers are happy too. This time period is known as Tretayug or Silver Age. The average age of souls here is 125 years and they take 12 births. The quality of the souls is Sato or pure.

So far, there is complete happiness on Earth. This is known as Swarg, Paradise or Heaven! Just like the trunk is the strongest part of a tree, here too the trunk represents the one undivided, unified and consolidated religion of the people of India – the ancient deity religion or Adi Sanatan Devi Devata Dharam.

The Kalpvriksha signifying how at the foundation religion- the ancient long lost deity religion- the trunk of the world tree- has now eloped but is being reestablished.

The Kalpvriksha signifying how at the foundation of the world- the ancient, long lost, deity religion- the trunk of the world tree- has today eloped but is being reestablished.


Now, the soul through a cycle of birth and re-birth (8 in Satyuga and 12 in Tretayuga), starts to identify itself  with the body. This false awareness of the soul manifests itself in the form of the 5 vices – of lust, greed, anger, ego and attachment that leads to sufferings and grief. Owing to the fall of the one original religion of peace, several religions are now established- just like branches emerging from a tree. In these are; Islam, Buddhism and Christianity established by Mohammad, Buddh and Jesus Christ respectively. This is the Copper Age or Dwaparyug, which lasts for another 1250 years. To find a release from grief and sufferings, souls take to devotion or Bhakti. In this too, initially there is only the devotion of one(avyabhichari) bhakti. The quality of the souls now is Rajoguni which is the middle level of purity.

More branches and twigs in the tree

Now, the subsequent and present age – Kaliyug or Iron Age, is when souls are completely ‘body-conscious’. Body consciousness is the false awareness of one’s identity as the body and not the soul in it. There is a greater search for peace and happiness. Every soul under the foreign or external influence of the 5 vices, experiences sufferings, pain and grief. This is the age of uncertainty and mortality and when elements of nature too cause sorrow. Despite, the presence of several religions and sects, the search for peace and happiness is even more pronounced.The quality of the soul is Tamoguni or one that has reached the highest level of impurity and degradation.. During this age of darkness and ignorance, the truth is eloped.

The presence and establishment of various religions in India and the world as depicted by the Kalpvriksha.

What Now?

Today we are at the tail end of Kaliyug and the world cycle has almost completed 5000 years. This extremely small period between  the end of Kaliyug and the start of Satyug is known as SangamYug or the auspicious Confluence Age. This is the only time in the complete cycle of 5000 years, when souls can celebrate a communion with God. For this is the auspicious time when God Himself descends to re-establish peace, happiness and prosperity on Earth or lay the foundation of the forthcoming deity religion in India.

Understanding the importance of this age, let us also take some time out to know Him, His divine deeds and gain imperishable wealth from Him!

God descends at the end of the present Iron Age to re-establish deity religion in India and the World

God descends at the end of the present Iron Age to re-establish deity religion in India and the World



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