The Spiritual significance of the Carvings of the Dilwara

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The Dilwara Temple is a beautiful memorial of the times gone by. Its opulent architecture is reminiscent of its deep spiritual significance.

Situated in Mount Abu, the Dilwara Temple belongs to the Jain community. The first creation of God- Adi Dev or the first perfect human, also known as Brahma in Hindu culture, is beautifully carved inside. The temple holds a beautiful memoir of several other deities who have existed in the past.

The deities along with Adi Dev that are concretized here, are shown deeply absorbed in the remembrance of God. On the ceiling above are scenes of Heaven complete with designs of lotus-buds, petals and flowers.

The ceiling of the Dilwara temple depicts scenes of Heaven

The ceiling of the Dilwara temple depicts scenes of Heaven

The Dilwara temple holds the key to unlocking who the souls who earn the status of Adi Dev and Adi Devi or the first prince/princesses of the vice-less land of Heaven are. By their meditative poses, one can surely understand that these souls have made intense efforts in a previous birth, whose rewards they have reaped by gaining the endowment of heaven.

The image of the Adi Dev also known as the First father of humanity

The image of the Adi Dev who is also known as the First father of humanity

The image of the Adi Dev who is also known as the First father of humanity

For anyone who has been to the temple and even observed it carefully, one will notice that the souls who are shown meditating here, belong to the path of the family. The meditative images are those of Adhar-Kumar and Adhar-Kumaris or married men and women who whilst staying in their families have imbibed the quality of purity. This is also the way of life followed in the pure and vice-less land of Heaven depicted in the ceiling above.

Unlike saints and ascetics, who leave their hearths to conquer the vice of lust, these men and women do so in the firm awarness of being a soul, different from the physical body and remembering God, the Supreme Soul. This is depicted through the meditative poses of these figures.

Inside the temple are also 108 memoirs of  Kumars and Kumaris or unmarried boys and girls present along with Adi Dev. These souls too, having recognised God and their true self, are victorious in gaining complete sovereignty over their vices. The chanting of the beads of the rosary of 108 popular in Hindu culture is also in the praise of these 108 souls.

The image of several males riding on elephants or the Hasthishala is another example of the intense effort made by the non-violent, warrior souls who’ve conquered the vice of greed, attachment, ego, lust and arrogance within.

The intense effort makers are captured through the inticate carvings

The intensity of the effort makers is depicted by them riding on elephants, horses or even shown walking.

If we reflect carefully, we will observe that today is the time of the greatest unrest and increase in the vice of anger, lust, greed, ego and attachment in society.  In fact God, the Supreme Soul, also mentions in the sacred scripture of the Bhagavad Gita, that when there is the rise of irreligiousness and unrighteousness, then He himself descends to end all irreligiousness and establish true religion. 

The Supreme Soul undertakes the task of the creation of one religion- of peace and happiness- like in the Golden Ages of Paradise by giving souls the nectar of His knowledge and teaching them meditation. For this divine purpose, He first adopts Adi Dev or Brahma at the current time, and through Him all other souls. It is by the virtue of this knowledge and easy remembrance of the Almighty, that these souls are able to absolve their sins and attain a deity status in their next births.

It is time to recognise God’s descent, get connected to Him and live the greatest truth that has been epitomised through the Dilwara temple.



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  1. Information is quite misleading . Jainism has no concept of creation . ADI Dev himself is GOD he doesn’t need to meditate upon any other god not do the others sitting in meditation . They are themselves GOD.

    1. Post

      The term Adi Dev means the ‘First Creation’ of God. The Creator and His Creation are always different. The Creator can only be One. There can’t be many.

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