This GuruPurnima, connect to the Spiritual Guru, Teacher and Father of all Souls and experience the peace within

What is the significance of Guru Purnima in India?

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Guru Purnima is a reminder of connecting the eternal self to the Supreme Guru of all souls. The One who is the Spiritual Father, Teacher, Guru and the Ocean of Knowledge. Knowledge is the reason behind years of our devotion and true knowledge can only be obtained from the Supreme Being. Without it, it’s not possible to receive true understanding and knowledge of life, karma, self, and one cannot be instrumental in dispelling the ignorance within and around us.

This Guru Purnima, let’s celebrate the festival, by acquiring its true spiritual significance and connecting to the Supreme Being.


Traditionally, Guru Purnima is celebrated by Buddhists, Hindus and Jains to revere their chosen spiritual teachers/leaders and express their gratitude.

A Guru is someone who shows the path to liberation (mukti) and liberation-in-life (Jeewanmukti). Liberation is when the soul experiences its original stage- one of complete peace. Most saints and ascetics believe this to be when the soul merges into Brahm- the sixth element of matter (mistakenly understood as God). This is also the ultimate reason of their penance- to attain liberation from the cycle of birth of death. However, if this understanding were actually true, it’d take us far away from the knowledge of being an eternal and immortal soul. If truly energy is indestructible and immortal, how can it merge in another ? Please look up more facts supporting this, here.

Traditionally, gurus have also dispelled the idea of true happiness in this world, comparing it the droppings of a crow. This serves as a reminder of just how transient and temporary happiness is today, dependent on external sources and relations. This belief system also points to how the human soul is not in touch with its original quality of happiness.  Even though, this holds true today, the existence of peace and happiness and of such a world is  disregarded by most gurus. This perhaps stems from not acknowledging the world as a reflection of the stage of the soul. And of knowing it as an eternal being on an eternal journey. If the human soul is depleted today, it must be so in comparison to a time when the soul- child of the Supreme Soul or Being- was guarded in its original truth of happiness and peace. The existence of such a time, such a perfect world, also draws us closer to the knowledge of Liberation in Life.

Knowing the One True Guru

Now we must be able to collate that years of our devotion- reading scriptures, adopting gurus and rituals is only to bring us closer to the Supreme Light. However, other than the Supreme Being, none can be called as the Ocean of Knowledge. Other than the One is forever liberated from birth and death, none can show us a path to liberation and a way out of sufferings.

Now, the Supreme Being is always attributed as Light by all religions. He is incorporeal – meaning He doesn’t have a physical form or a body but does have a form of His own. The physical representation of which is the Shivling. His name, Shiv, signifies Him to be the world benefactor, and He is therefore not nameless. More on the identity of the Supreme Being and His roles today, can be found here. The Bhagavad Gita, the oldest surviving scripture, also spells God to descend once, to give true Knowledge and establish one true religion. How He does His task, can be known here. 

Attainments from the True Guru: A synopsis

The first principle and chapter of spiritual knowledge revealed by the Supreme Being is the identity of the self. The identity of knowing the self as a soul- a being of light different from the physical costume of the body. It is then of knowing the Supreme Soul, Shiv as the Father and the benefactor of all souls. True Knowledge given by the Supreme also helps us understand that liberation is infact the birth right of every soul. But as eternal actors on the world stage, to stay forever liberated, is not part of this eternal world script.

The powerful remembrance of the Supreme Being also helps souls to absolve themselves of sins. This practice also known as Rajayoga, is highlighted when we see devotees taking a dip in the Ganges, misrepresenting a physical ocean for the Ocean of Knowledge. Additionally, the knowledge  presented by Him about karma, life and destiny, helps us reap results of our actions and experience our original qualities.


This Guru Purnima, let’s connect to the one who plays the most important role during this time- One of a Teacher, Guru and Father of all souls. For more information, visit a BrahmaKumaris Rajyoga Meditation Center near you, today.

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