What is the Swastika a symbol of? What do the 4 arms of the Swastika symbolise?

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The Swastika is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness and prosperity in Hindu culture. It finds its place almost outside every household  in India and is considered to be a revered symbol. It is drawn before commencing any task.

The Swastika represents the movement of time through the four ages of humanity or yugas. This is of a time much before we know, or when human beings even established religions. Time moves through a complete cycle of 5000 years , which is called the World Wheel. It is divided equally into 4 ages,  which each represent 1250 years. While the ages of each yug remains the same, the decline of the quality of the souls in each age is imminent.

What do the 4 arms of the Swastika symbolise?

The first arm of the Swastika is bent towards the right hand side. Now, generally, the right hand side is used to show what  is good or brings about goodness. In this age, the Swastika represents souls of the first, ancient deity religion on Earth or Adi Sanatan Devi Devata Dharma. Souls of this age were possessed of divine qualities (deities) and enjoyed 100% peace, purity and prosperity. This is known as the Age of truth or Satyug or Golden Age on Earth. The quality of the souls here was the highest or Satopradhan (16 kala sampooran). This is the reign of viceless deities Shri Lakshmi and Shri Narayan.

The arm of the Swastika is then shown bent down. This is used to symbolise a decline in the original deity qualities of the souls. Even though souls enjoyed complete peace, purity and prosperity, they were 2 degrees lesser than the souls of the Golden Age or  14 kala sampooran. This time period marks the Silver Age or Tretayuga on Earth. This is the reign of viceless deities Shri Ram and Shri Sita.

The Golden and Silver Ages or Satyug and Tretayug have been sung as heaven on Earth.

Next, the arm of the Swastika is shown bent towards the left. This points to souls of the third Copper Age or Dwaparyug on Earth. The souls of the original deity religion having enjoyed peace and prosperity for 2500 years, now took to the path of vices or unrighteousness – Vam Marga. It was because of the fall of the one original deity religion on Earth, that several other religions were established. Amongst them included Islam, by Abraham, Buddhism by Buddha and Christianity by Jesus Christ.

However, nothing could stop the decline of the souls in this age which was Rajoguni (8 kala sampooran). This is also the reason why it is sung that 3000 years before Christ, heaven existed on Earth. The story of the forbidden apple by Adam also points to the downfall of souls owing to the presence of vices in the society. Both sorrow and disquiet and strife and dispute begun increasing.

The final, fourth and left arm of the Swastika points to the current Iron Age or Kaliyuga on Earth. It is shown rising up to indicate the increase in conflicts, clashes and calamities ever since Copper Age. While vices in the society have only grown, souls have been pushed towards ignorance, lassitude, stupor, moral turpide and sin or tamoguni

The significance of the present time

It is only at a time like this that souls, who have become down trodden have to be lifted by the Almighty Himself. It is not the task of any human being today to finish vice and sufferings in the society.

The extremely short period of time, between the finishing of the Iron Age and the commencement of the forthcoming Golden Age is called Confluence Age or SangamYug. It is now time for us, to connect to God can give us our birth right of peace and happiness.

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