Know The One Who Has The Knowledge of the 3 Worlds and Reveals them. Know the Knowledge of the Three Worlds Which He Revelas

Who is Trilokinath and what is the mystery of the Three Worlds? Revealed!

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Introduction : Knowing Yourself as a Soul and God as the Supreme Soul

We must have at some point in our lives, wondered, who we are, where we come from and where we finally go. Thinking about the huge cosmos; wondering of our individual and unique journeys. Is it only a spec of dust that we are actually reduced to? What is our true identity and what is the knowledge of our true abodes!

We’ve previously spoken about the concept of seeing ourselves as a soul. A point of light, in the centre of the forehead- the master of the senses and the body.

Today, we take you a little further on a tour of the Three Words or trilok. You will find this very relevant in the context of knowing your journey as a soul.

Now temples dedicated to God as Trilokinath, can be found in various parts of the country. It is the Supreme Being, the Supreme Soul, Shiv, in whose praise the temples of Trilokinath exists as it the Supreme Being is also called as Trilokinath or the one who has the knowledge of the Three Worlds ( Tri means three, lok, means world and nath means ‘someone who has the knowledge of’)

Lets us try understand the Three Worlds as revealed by the Supreme Soul, Shiv today through the lotus mouth of Brahma 

The In-corporeal World of Souls (bodiless) : Muktidham- Paramdham- Shantidham – The Abode of Silence

The world around us is made up of the 5 elements of matter. So is the body. This is why it is said, that the body is one to become one with matter. It is the soul that is eternal, immortal and indestructible. The knowledge of the Soul World will tell us a little more about the original abode of the self, the soul.

Now, even while in the body, the soul has a deep desire for mukti or moksh or liberation. It wishes to be liberated of unhappiness, sorrow and even of birth and re-birth. It wishes only of peace and to experience deep peace and silence. Now, most definitely, the soul, recalls what it has experienced in the past. It recalls its original home or abode. Remember that the body is only a temporary haven for the soul to play its role. It is not the original abode. The original abode is in fact a world known as Muktidham (The Abode of the Liberated) or Shantidham (The Abode of Peace) or Paramdham (The Supreme Abode) where the soul resides in deep peace with the Supreme Soul, Shiv. This is before it takes a physical costume and plays a part in the physical world, birth and re-birth. In Param-dham, the soul, enjoys peace, in a liberated stage away from all subtle and physical bondages of thought, word and action. Therefore, there is neither pain nor pleasure, neither birth nor death.

Yes indeed, there is complete silence and peace in the world of Souls or Soul-World. Here, an orange-red light known as Brahm, pervades. Brahm is the 6th, non-living element of matter after water, air, fire, earth and sky. While sanyasis and renunciates perceive the Brahm element as God or Universe, and remember it,  it is actually, only the home of the soul, a place of rest.

Having said, it is the dweller of Paramdham, the Supreme Soul, who needs to be remembered.

Visualise yourself as a soul in Paramdham or the Highest Abode with the Supreme Soul, Shiv

Visualise yourself as a soul in Paramdham or the Highest Abode with the Supreme Soul, Shiv

Guided Meditation: How can you visualise your true self in Paramdham 

Sit still. Slowly, begin to take your awareness away from the physical matter and the body. Retract your energy from each physical limb and concentrate it on a point in the centre of the forehead. Look at yourself as this point. A point of light and energy- a soul. A shining star, distinct from the body. Slowly, begin to stabilise yourself in this original awareness. Experience the stillness of your being.. A being of peace, light and might. Slowly take your awareness into the golden-red light of the Brahm Tatwa in Paramdham, through the eye of the intellect. Visualise yourself in the original home of the soul. This is where, I the soul, resides with the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, Shiv. Begin to see the Supreme Being in His original form, a point of light too. From the Ocean of Peace and Power, experience yourself receiving His light and might. Soak the experience of  complete peace, purity and power here.

Maintain this awareness of being a peaceful soul, in your routine tasks.

You can have deep experiences of peace and stillness by withdrawing yourself from the physical and stabilising yourself in the awareness of being a soul. Practice this as you get time as also you remember the Supreme Soul.

The World of Subtle Deities : Suksham Vatan

Next, we take you into a world, where neither the soul exists in the original-seed form, nor does a physical body exists. Here, only subtle and self-luminous forms of deities- Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar exists. Because the deities, that dwell there, do not have gross bodies but subtle, bodies, this is called the Subtle World. Here, there is no birth or death, no pain, neither speech nor sound. There is only motion; that is a Movie World and no talkie.

Visualise and compare this to the above described Parmadham.

The Physical or Gross or Corporeal World 

Finally, lets take a tour of the very visible physical or gross world, This is the World where we souls, come into (from Paramdham) to play a part and take a physical body to do so. It is in this world or the Corporeal World of human Beings, that birth and death, pleasure and pain, good and bad actions, thoughts and words and sound, exists. It is here, that the soul, reaps as it sows. Hence it is also known as Karma Kshetra (the field for action) or a huge Drama Stage.

The Benefit of Knowing the Knowledge of the Three Worlds

These unique points of esoteric knowledge help the mind to stabilise in the true awareness of the self. They also help one realise peace and happiness, which are the original properties of the soul. The knowledge also helps one connect easily to God and remember Him as a bodiless being. But most importantly, this knowledge, helps you realise that you are only an actor on this huge world stage, playing your role. You must play it to the best of your ability and yet never get attached to it! As everything you see- is temporary and perishable! There is nothing, truly nothing, that should worry the mind, as it finds its destination and solace in the Supreme Being!




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